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PhD Report Writing

A report is been written to read by someone else. If this is the main goal, a lot of focus should fall on giving importance to the reader and giving them what they want to read and need, the report should be based on the work for them, so that they read what has been written and agree with it. Report is an important part of Research paper writing.

Know the purpose

The reason you’re composing the report in any case. Since it decides the sort of report you compose, it’s a basic initial step.

Give it a think. Is it true that you are composing a true, instructional or driving report? Keep in mind:

•Factual reports intend to advice.

•Instructional reports intend to clarify.

•Leading reports plan to convince.

When your real point has been characterized along these lines, your subsidiary points will become all-good – you advise so as to clarify and educate and disclose so as to convince. This beginning stage gives you a crucial centre and drives completely everything else.

Know your readers

Before you start writing your report, consider its audience. Because you can’t hit the right nail on the head if you have a shortfall. To be successful, a report must ensure its target readers can: Read without any major delay, Understand everything without much effort, Accept facts, conclusions and recommendations, Decide to take the right action which is recommended.

Know the Objective

Matching with the purpose to the reader, you are all ready to set your objective. What do you want the reader to think and do after reading your report?

Choose an approach

A top-down approach to writing a report works well. This starts with the main thesis statement, follows with the information gathering and then continues into three stages of ongoing refinement.
•Thesis – It is a report which is a guiding statement used to define the scope of investigation and research. This helps in communicating your information clearly when collecting it.
•Info-gathering – there are a number of questions to ask at this stage: ◦What information do I need?
◦ How much do I need?
◦ Where will I find it?
◦ How will I collect it?

•Refinement – there are three stages in the refinement process; namely:
◦ Write the section-level outline.
◦ Write the subsection-level outline.
◦ Write the paragraph-level outline.

Decide on structure
here are 11 basic elements which need to be considered in any report. I’m not a masochist, so this structure does not need to be rigidly adhered to. Any defined form of structure can be put to use:

1.Title page
2.Index (or Contents)
3.Thesis (or Terms of Reference or Abstract)
4.Introduction (or Executive Summary)
7.Implications (or Issues)
8.Solutions (or Recommendations)
11.Bibliography (or References)

6. Use the right style

Using all the hard figures, facts, evidence and justification. Use efficient language, a report with too many words is awful. The best reports are simple, easy and quick to read because the writer has interpreted the data and developed the most viable recommendations.

Here are some tips:
1. Write as you speak.
2. Avoid empty words.
3. Use descending order of importance.
4. Use the active voice.
5. Keep sentences short.
6. Don’t try to impress; write to express.
7. Get facts 100% right.
8. Be unbiased and open.

7. Consider layout


Keep in mind that reports are moderate and regularly formal records, so your font choices decisions ought not to be cutesy, sharp or provocative. For the body of the report, pick a serif text style, for example, Times Roman or Cambria with a point size of 11 or 12. You can utilize a sans serif textual style, for example, Arial or Calibri for bolded headings to supplement the body content.


Invest energy pondering the photos. Wherever essential, clarify all parts of a visual and don’t leave the readers pondering about the association between the figure and the content. Compose great inscriptions, and pick the kind of visual with watchful thought.

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